Beautiful Sheepskin Woollen Slippers

Pamper your feet and keep them snug, even on the coldest days, with these irresistibly soft slippers trimmed with plush faux fur. We can arrange for next day delivery to most destinations within the contiguous 48 states, for an extra charge of $ per address. If we receive your order by 6pm PT.

Countries We Ship To. June 7, at 9: These are so cute and cozy. September 28, at 9: Are you still emailing the pattern?

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Slipper boots Crocheted in firm, dense single crochet using a robust, hardwearino British sheeps breed wool, this is my take on the ubiquitous twent)kfirst century.
Made with soft and cozy material, our women's bootie slippers are a great companion for your feet in chilly weather. Browse our vast collection of pairs of women's bootie slippers from brands like UGG, Minnetonka and MUK LUKS.
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There are free crochet slipper patterns in all shapes and sizes but there may be none for adults that are quite as easy as this set. These crochet slippers, designed to fit fully grown feet (teens included) are worked entire from single crochet stitches and use simple shaping to comfortably fit the feet. There is a matching free crochet pattern for baby slippers so you can make slippers for.
Soft Sole Sheepskin Bootie


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Roll over image to zoom in. Clog Slippers Item Click link below to like and post on facebook. You May Also Like. Nice and warm too. Jenny Illinois Love the house slippers. They fit good and have a good sole on them.

Karen Ashtabula, Ohio Bought two pair! None Johnstown, PA These are great slippers for the price. Deezy Phoenix too hard to walk in them if you have tender feet like me.

Tina Rio Rancho, New Mexico Use this product for relaxing love the color and the product is great Jessi Hickory North Carolina I wear these slippers every morning, just what I wanted, easy to get into, comfortable, the only thing I notice is the back of slipper is not comfortable when I let my foot slip back.

Dee Pasadena, CA I gave these as a gift to my sister, she said they were so comfortable she wears them all around the house pam Texas I love these shoes. Laine Atlanta Georgia Very comfortable and warm. Hi I saw u had trouble getting this pattern and its a very nice slipper I would love to do could u help me get the pattern iam new at all this stuff.

Hi there, could you please forward the pattern to me as well? I luv these slippers and would like to make a couple of pairs? Please can you send me the pdf, please. Could you please email me this pattern too the one for the crochet slipper boots thank you very much. For our trouble-shooting, would you tell us please why you were unable to download the file from the post? Just wondered if anyone has a video tutorial for these?

I am a bit of a beginner, but most of the pattern is going fine. I am stuck on the Instep rounds 6 and 7. Any help would be appreciated. I cannot download the pattern. The PDF is blank. Would appreciate if you could email me the pattern.

These slipper boots look fabulous. Can you email me the pattern please? Can you please send me the PDF. Hi- I love this slipper! Can you send me the pattern and template. I would love to make these for Christmas. Thank you, Thank you for this pattern, it took me several goes but I got there in the end. Why I kept getting stuck was because right at the end of round 7 the pattern said TURN, so because of this the next row which was supposed to be the top of the foot I ended up doing along the side of the slipper!

As this was a first descent go at doing slippers I got confused easily. I just wanted to let you know this to help you. I am so thrilled with this pattern and how the slippers look finished off on the edges. I bought the exact colour bulky yarn in the end as I first made a pair with thinner wool and a 5 and a half hook which changed the size dramatically, but I suppose this could be a way of doing different sizes. These slippers are so unique as they give the foot an edge rather than just rounded.

Thank you so much. Did you get help with row 6 and 7? If so could you e mail me and let me know if there is something wrong or is it just me.

Could you please email me the template as well? I have had problems with this too.. Have fun and thanks for stopping by SMP Craft! Be sure to share your booties with us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Can you help I really would like to try an make them. Would you describe what happens when you click the link in the post? The link is not working, hence the email request. Thank you so much for being so patient with all the ladies. This direct link here, does it work for you? Perhaps try using Firefox or Chrome or Safari; a different browser might do the trick for you.

And many thanks for following SMP Craft. Thanks for posting the direct link. Hi i clicked on your first link for the crochet slippers and it downloads but when I click on it it says cannot open file can you help me get it thanks.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. You have to have Adobe installed. If you use your cell you can have Adobe installed and create an account! I was so excited to start the cozy slippers, and now I am just so confused. Row 6 is the only row out of the whole pattern that has kept me from finishing this project.. I am confused at this point also. Row 6 1 sc in each sc to last sc, 2 sc in last sc, then work 11 sc across instep row-end edges , join with a slip stitch to first sc.

Row 7 CH 1, 1 sc in same place as ss, 1 sc in each sc to end…. Okay, so row 6 if you are single-crocheting around to last sc and then putting 2 in the last sc, where does the 11 start? AND how do you start Row 7 in first sc? I am also confused as to where to put the 11sc at round 6. If anyone could be so kind as to help me I would greatly appreciate it!! From then on you will continue crocheting on that V until it turns into the flat part on the top of your foot.

I hope that helps at least one person, if anyone will see this! Once again thank you for that little bit of help. This helped me soooo much. I had visioned the whole thing backwards until I read this! Thanks so much for this help, that made so much more sense.

Now with your help, I can! I would love to finish these off. Hope to get little help, i just start crochet and speak french…. Il ne faut pas faire le slip stich à la fin des round 1à5 dans heel. Ça fait le V où on fait les 11sts du round 6. The sketch is attractive, your authored subject matter stylish. Is it a trick to get our e-mail adress? Only way to post comment and maybe, only maybe, get some explanations. Heel Round 1 to 5… It does not say to slip stich at the end of the round.

So we should not slip stich there. Is that correct or just coincidence???? How might I obtain this pattern preferrably for free via a simple download? We double-checked the pdf download on multiple browsers and the file seems to be downloading fine. A pdf is the simplest version. Perhaps that will work?

Clear enough that a beginner can understand. Cut and pasted here: But it says to sl st in the first sc. Should probably change that part! I am very frustrated trying to solve it. Thanks for otherwise lovely pattern. Do not slip stitch into beginning, just ch1 and turn. After 5 rows you will have a V and this is the instep where the 11 stitches go in row 6. Slip at top to join. Ch 1, turn and go back down the V stitches and all the way around to do row 7.

From then on you only do rows of the instep stitches down the top of the foot. How can you post copyright pages from books, online without getting in trouble. Really worth the money. I was wondering the same thing and am hoping that they have permission from the author or publisher. Take this down smpcraft! I would greatly appreciate it, I am not sure about the downloading so if you can send it to me I appreciate it so much, many thanks bonnie. Cozy crocheted boot please?

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Hi I was wondering if there is a video that shows how to crochet these boots. If there is could someone please send me the link thank you!!! In this queue of supplements protein powder eas powders are mainly consumed by athletes too as bodybuilders. This is why the very best method to utilizing protein would be to follow these three simple tips:. Career and Education, Rupayan and Sunday Anand. Please send me this boot paytern. I could not get it either. I want to make them too.

Thank you for your help. Has anyone taken step by step pictures? This would help tremendously. Would love to them. But I figured out that these are not worked in a round as the pattern states. This looks like a great pattern! I love the slippers! Thank you for offering the pattern for free!! And the book looks beautiful. Thanks for sharing this bootie pattern. A tad confusing in a couple of places but easy to work thru that. Thw heel row is that all together. Can u please send the pattern.

I was wondering if anybody had a video of them actually doing it? I can only learn by watching at this point. I had no problem crocheting the slippers, but there is no template for the leather bottoms. Could you email me the template? My home recently received an upgrade having a new boiler but the thermostat for it is often a simple on off analog the one which does not use a power wire likely to it. Lastly, look out for public and free wireless access hot spots because these are unsecured and sending personal information over an unsecured network is much like playing with fire.

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I love these things! I doubled the bottoms and used ws crochet for the top of the foot and the soles to give them some extra warmth! I also had some leather scraps laying around and made a great sole! I wish I could share a pic! I have not been able to download this pattern despite using my laptop, firefox and copying the link into a new window. Thank you for this pattern, I showed my husband the photo and he said he would love a pair of these.

Since they are unisex, I believe that I will try to make us both a pair. It seems this is for a size whzt 6. Why is the sole so much thinner then the top of the shoe? If you count the st in the picture her pattern is much different. I see this often with patterns. As a a id crocheter, im not convinced. I didnt have problems with following the pattern; however when you are finished at the last row you have 8 st and the sole has 4 st at the toe end.

Thats the first question. Second she has an actual whole other peice it looks like , on the bottom where the heel is. I love it but I dont like have to improvise patterns, like I will on the sole to even fit this together. Tia for any help. Could you email me the pattern. If someone can be so kind to email it christellemostert gmail.

If someone could send a video tutorial of these slipper boots i am a beginner and can only learn by watching videos and would have loved to make these i have been trying hard but i have difficulty understanding the pattern thank you so much.

So Sarah, you found this pattern in a book at work and just decided to share it with the whole internet without getting permission from the author or publisher? Even worse other websites are linking directly to your pdf which gives no credit at all to the book or author.

You need to take this down immediately or I will be reporting it to the publisher. This is a Blog for the publisher! Now we will give you a minute to feel stupid before you apologize. Next time maybe you should read about this blog, and maybe the other comments too.

I would love to try and make these but unfortunately I cannot download the pattern. Can someone please email it to me. Please let us know, if you would, why you were unable to download the pattern. Would help us with troubleshooting. No problem downloading the pattern but page the templates was missing and I thought that may have been part of something that I could not access. Sharron seifert Culloden Rd. A friend of mine cannot read english.

Can I translate to Danish for her. Some people here says I am not allowed to even it is just for her — not for selling it. Thank you so much for this crochet pattern. This will make the greatest Christmas gifts for all the family. I just have tried to download the pattern of the slippers.

But it does not work. Can you send the pattern by mail. Thank you Karen-carlson juno. Has anyone thought of putting an instructional uTube video up on these? Is it easy to explain on this blog? Any help would be greatly appreciated! I have been looking all over for a pattern like this. I am ubable to download the pdf. Could you email it to me? Want to make some for gifts. I love these slippers! Could you email me the pattern? Hi there, thanks for the pattern, my daughter is going to college and wants me to make her a pair, but the template for the soles was not included.

Could you email that to me so I can finish them, please? Great pattern, easy to follow! Or did you add the edging decoratively after putting the pieces together? Could I please get the slipper boot pattern?

I tried to download but am not having success. I have just completed these slippers and love them however I cannot find your template for the leather to go on the bottoms. Could you please send me in the right direction? I am hoping I can find some scrap leather and figure the rest out. Thanks in advance and thanks for the slippers pattern. They really are lovely. Have you a more detailed explanation of that section. I am having the same problem as everyone above — no template with the pattern.

I would like to make these slippers. Can you email me the template too or just post if with the pattern? I have the pattern but need the template for the leather sole. Can u please email me the template? I love the look of these slippers, but like many others, I get confused with some of the instructions.

Are you able to help clarify what to do there? Or by any chance could you do a video tutorial? Adorable, and looks so easy! Thank you so so much! Could this be sent to me or is there a link to go to for that specific page page as mentioned in the crocheting directions Thank you so very much for your help. I want to make these slipper boots but have had difficult time getting thru the sites.

I can send you some money if you like to cover costs to mail. How does one make smaller or larger sizes for this pattern. Hello Maria, thank you for lovely pattern. I am also stuck on the instep part.

Please send me the template via email. That would be so helpfull and much apreciated. Are you still emailing the pattern? I love these slippers and I was wondering how to get the pattern? I tried clicking the link but it does not open. I made the slippers from the PDF but theres no pattern for the leather soles. Could you send them to me? Hello, I am making my yarn list now!

These look very cool for an entire family my daughter and her boys are who I have in mind — after myself and my husband! I have read through the above comments and I was able to download the PDF for the pattern. Could you either direct me to the template for the sole or email me?

Thanks so much — most excited as it is getting chilly in Michigan! I would love to have this pattern and the template for the soles. A friend of mine has a mom that needs something like this that is easy to take on and off and the sole for safety reasons!

Thank you so much! I have been having trouble in the same rows as everyone else. It would really help to add a diagram, like a sewing pattern, to the instructions. I was unclear as to which end was the top, what area was the instep, etc. I would like to see diagrams on more crochet patterns to avoid confusion. Better yet, a video tutorial. Thanks for the pattern though. These slippers are great looking. Would you please send me the pattern? Can I also get the template for the leather soles?

If there is a video that would be great too. These slippers are so darling!! I saw on some of the comments that you would send them a pdf of the pattern. Is there any way you could send me one as well. Sorry if that is annoying. I would love to try this. Hope all is well. Thanks for posting this. What can I do? Would love to hv this pattern. They look pretty comfy!

Hello, Thank you for the lovely pattern. Could you plaese send me video or any photos that explain the pattern especialley 6,7 rounds. Hi Ceren, Did anyone end up sending you a video or photo? Also can you send me the pattern as well. Love the look of these and may try to make my husband a pair as well. I just made one slipper side. I am not sure what went wrong but I have a hole where the v is. I joined the v with a ss like the pattern said. Mine would be by the ankle bone.

I assumed it was suppose to be on the heel. I am soo confused!! My flap is right beside the v. I now realize the v is actually the top of your foot and the flap comes out of that v and down the top of your foot!! I cannot see the pattern for the sole of the slipper boots — is it available anywhere? I am going to make myself a pair of these cute slippers — if a success — I will be making several pairs for Christmas!

These are so cute and cozy. Can you please send me the pattern for these cozy crocheted slipper boots? I Would be very happy if you could send me the pattern of these very nice slipper boots! Hello, I would love to have the pattern too! Would it be possible to get a template for the bottom of the Slipper Boots, please!

Loved how the pattern turned out! I would love to try and make these for my girls. Could I have a pdf of your fabulous crochet slippers sent to my email,please? My boyfriend loves them. Thank you, Carrie Fauls. Having troubles as well around 6 — 7. May I please get a template for the leather soles as well? Could you please send me the pdf pattern for this slipper.

I love it and just found it and would like to make some for Christmas. Thanks so much in advance for your time. Hello, I love your boots so much. Could you email me the pattern , please? I love these crocheted slipper boots. Could you please send me the templates so I can make leather sole pieces? Thank you very much. They are adorable and would make great Christmas gifts.

Could you please send me the PDF and template. These are adorable and I would love to make them: Please could you email me the pattern for the slippers and sole? Hey, please could i also get the PDF for this pattern with the matching template for the soles. I am sure I missed something.. Perhaps something got lost somewhere.

Please and Thank You very much! You make our lives easier when great things like this are free and we make them for gifts. Hello, I have read all these comments and like me everyone seems to Be having problems.

I read that you where looking into this but I have not seen one from you that would simplify this pattern. You are sending people the PDFs file is it different than the one above. Have you edited this pattern and if so where do I find it. Thank you so much, I am very excited to make these slippers!!!! I am stuck on rows , is the v part supposed to be the top of the foot?

I could really use some insight. I was able to download the pattern, but there is no template for the soles. Can you please send it to me? Help also having trouble with 6 7 8 the rows. Are the 11 sc supposed to go down each side of the V made at the heel ,would be graitful for any help thanks in advance. I, like everyone else, had problems with the instep. Can you email the template for the soles to me? Thanx for sharing your craft. I can not get the pattern to download.

Is it still available? Love the slipper crochet pattern! Skip to main content. Refine more Format Format. Best Match Best Match. Sizes 3 - 7. Cosy comfortable John Rocha women's knitted furry slipper boots unworn. New refers to a brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item, while Used refers to an item that has been used previously.

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