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I adore Soap with every fibre of my being. They don't actually get there and in thinking about it, I'm not entirely sure that anything actually happened in this book. The 'from' price must be lower than the 'to' price.

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As England gears up for tonight's semi-final match, people across the country are aping Gareth Southgate and proudly wearing waistcoats to work.

Departing from these hues is perfectly acceptable, though as a rule of thumb we would recommend sticking to a pale, muted palette. Needless to say, your choice of colour should harmonise with the rest of your outfit. It is not uncommon to see waistcoats for formal day or evening wear made up without backs, instead sporting a neck and waist strap. The purpose of leaving off the back is to improve comfort and reduce the risk of overheating at a summer wedding.

You will find morning coat waistcoats cut from a variety of cloths. Generally lightweight wools and linens come off better than silks and silk lookalikes. The final choice of fabric is down to personal choice and the season. Sometimes a waistcoat will feature an additional buttonhole for the purpose of attaching a watch chain. On single breasted waistcoats, this is generally found in line with the front buttons, usually in a vertical orientation. On double breasted waistcoats they can appear either in the dead centre or hidden underneath the lapel.

These are fairly rare and are generally found on vintage models only, though some modern makers, such as Hackett, still include them. Are you the kind of person who loves waistcoats so much that you wish you could wear them all at once? Slips are another rare feature of waistcoats that date back to an early 19th century fashion of wearing two waistcoats at the same time in contrasting colours.

Of course, nobody does that now, that would be ridiculous. Jan 29, Booknut rated it it was amazing Shelves: Dimity nodded in agreement. As Sophronia continues her second year at Mademoiselle Geraldine's Finishing Academy, the Empire's premier school for proper young killing machines, who knows what adventures await her? From waltzing lessons held on thin planks high up in the air, to being taught the finer points of flirtatious looks, Sophronia and her friends are sure to learn everything there they need to know in order to become the finest of young ladies.

But no number of handkerchiefs, scented oils, and sewing shears will be able to prepare them for what is ahead. Prepare for pack politics and train theft. When Sidheag takes off on a daring journey to return to her werewolf pack in Scotland, Sophronia and the gang accompany her. They stow away on a mysterious train, only to discover an enemy they never wished to come face to face with again - and a secret that threatens the very foundations of society.

A secret that could very well throw London, and the world, into chaos. Nothing's really what it seems Working against the clock, Sophronia and the gang must decide who is friend and who is foe, whilst dealing with tea, top-hats, metal dogs, and world domination.

Click here for my fave quotes and inside info on the book. This series has tanked so badly. Like crashing and burning tanking. The only saving grace for this book was the superb narration by Moira Quirk. Quirk's delightful voice and splendid variety of accents make for easy listening. Which was good in my case, as the story was horrendous. The main character has become a shell of the vibrant, curious young lady we met in the first book.

Now she is arrogant, entitled, fickle, and a tease with her young men in the "love" triangle. I wanted to shriek by the fifth time she looked into either Felix or Soaps "sparkling" "warm" "twinkling" oh hell, pick some adjective because all were practically used eyes. The nauseating over abundance of teenage angst in a love triangle that really highlights the fickleness of Sophronia's nature grated my nerves. I could put up with a lot..

I'm a fairly tolerant reader. I just couldn't put up with the repeated baiting of Felix over his political views by Sophronia. Everything she accuses him of, she is exactly as guilty of. Her sanctimonious summarization of his faults and their incapability was absurd.

If they were that unsuited, then Carriger really needed to up her writing game. It was incredibly weak. She teasingly uses her "seduction" and I loosely call it that lessons on Felix to try to manipulate him to her will. She then baits him and targets him when he isn't as easily manipulated. I truly expected more from Carriger.

This was the worst of her books, I've read so far. On par with the first two books. Lots of action, a bit of a vampire detour on the werewolf trip, and a tedious love triangle I really don't know anyone anymore that actually enjoys love triangles, do you? Overall I liked this one, as I said, as much as the others. Moira's narration is fantastic, as always. Nov 04, Melissa rated it it was ok. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

To view it, click here. My anger towards this book in the middle half caused me to skim through the latter half what I read only made me angrier My biggest problem with this book is how Gail Carriger, excuse my language, shit on ALL her characters. Yes characters change over a year, but I felt like I couldn't recognize any of them. They lacked the charm that made me love them and dream of this book and a grown flirty Sophronia. Soap becomes boring example: Dimity and Sidheig are boring, Sidheig had to be their so they could have a mission so Soap and Felix could fight.

There is no coming back from this train wreck. The book now gets 2 stars for this realization. I have now calmed down enough to discuss parts I actually liked. I enjoyed most of the first pages or so. I liked the ship between Agetha and Pillover. I liked actually liked how Agetha grew as a character in this book she she still wasn't good enough for an adventure The character interaction was a bit awkward and overdone at parts, but this is true for book 1 and 2.

I also liked that both Soap and Felix got shot cause why not. Felix almost seems to have multipersonality disorder in this book. He blushes when Sophronia looks at him and presses against him, but not when she changes in front of him. Also Felix is sexist randomly even though he loves Sophronia and frequently comments and shows in this book that he trusts her to take care of herself and loves how strong she is.

The Felix in this book was nothing like the Felix in book 2. He wasn't suave, witty, and flirty. He was a "prick", angry, rude, and useless. I had so much hope for his character. I loved Soap before this book I loved all the characters. I didn't want Sophronia to break his heart because he was so lovable.

Soap in this book, well he can do anything and hes also perfect. Soap can be an secret agent just like Sophronia; Soap can also pretend to be a white upper class man.

Soap can also pilot a hot air balloon thing, Soap also saves Bumbersnoot. Soap is strong, caring, bashful, sensitive, understanding, and he doesn't judge people based on their class. Soap also doesn't have the sexism that was present during this time period, except when he does. Soap is also a stalker like Edward. I will read book 4. Now Soap has the same amount of Loyalties and more that Felix does.

So I wonder how things will work out. I am also hoping to see the flamboyant vampire! Aug 05, Sophie rated it it was ok Shelves: I think it's time to admit that this series just isn't for me. The first 2 books were entertaining enough, but this was a frustrating read. The first half I didn't care enough that when I set the book down, I felt no need to pick it up again.

The second half, I was pretty angry with the plot. The problem is that the book is just too sarcastic and glib in a way that makes it hard to care about the characters or the plot at all. It's not even that funny. It's book 3 and I still feel like I don't kn I think it's time to admit that this series just isn't for me. It's book 3 and I still feel like I don't know or care about the characters!

The first half of the book not much happened. Sophronia feels guilty at some of the events from the previous books, and she's spending time with her friends when Sidheag and Captain Niall disappear to attend to some pack business. It comes out that view spoiler [Lord Maccon has abandoned the pack after killing the beta after the beta commits treason, and he has turned down Sidheag's offer to be a werewolf.

Of course, we knew all this from the previous series so that doesn't matter much. Then there was this stupid love triangle with Soap, Felix, and Sophronia which took up too much of the book and wasn't even the fun flirty interactions it had been before.

I ended this book hating everything and everyone. Honestly I can't say what this book was about. The story seems to be only about Sophronia discovering her romantic interests. The writing was lovely as usual, but the lack of story makes it rather slow and also I found myself annoyed with Sophronia and her analytical handling of love interests. For one I don't think it's about feelings for her, but more about what can I gain from a relationship, very rational, which goes along with her training, but feels somewhat weird.

Also the way she tried to Honestly I can't say what this book was about. Also the way she tried to manipulate Feliy to turn into a boy she could love had me thinking a lot about how everyone is on about fictional boys in being manipulative in relationships and how that is bad.

Now would these people react the same way to her manipulation efforts? Overall it was a nice read and way to move on with the series, but I hope the next one has a lot more story and a less annyoing Sophronia again. May 12, Sanaa rated it it was amazing Shelves: I loved Sophronia's character development, and I think we got to see so much emotion from her.

The language and dialogue is as fun and witty as ever, and honestly this series just keeps getting better and better. The final book in this series just became one of my most anticipated reads! Jan 13, Jenny Reading Envy rated it really liked it Shelves: I really love Carriger books of any variety in audio, and they are my go-to companions for long drives.

This book really carries the story forward - for the most part it takes place outside of the "finishing school" and moves the lives of the characters closer to adulthood. Career decisions are made, alliances are defined, and romantic entanglements intensify. The crew hops on board of a suspicious-looking train and, inadvertently, gets entangled in a daring adventure.

One of the biggest strengths of the previous installments in the series was multidimensional, highly relatable and utterly adorable characters. These characters are still here and half of the time they still manage to work their charm, but there is something fundamentally different about them.

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