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Sofia the First Shirts Seven-year-old Sofia Balthazar has had a lot of adjustments to make in her life. Her mother has remarried, so Sofia moves to a new home, new school, and a .

No doubt, this simple yet colorful machine embroidery design can bring loads of joy and fun element to your embroidery endeavor. Clover, Mia and Robin manage to locate and chase the thief, but unable to get the amulet back.

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Your princess-in-training will look the part in Sofia's sparkling, shimmering gown made of eye-catching, fanciful fabrics and deluxe trims, plus glittering layers of tulle. Safety WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD - .
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This fuels a side of her that is very investigative and skeptical. She tends to try to juggle more than she can handle, especially when it comes to her friends, and value making herself as multifaceted as possible.

This side also gives her trust issues that make her go off on her own without telling anybody and keep secrets from everyone except her Aunt Tilly and her mermaid friend Princess Oona. There is a smaller third part of Sofia's personality that she tries to hide: Her vulnerable, scared, and worried part.

Many times Sofia's vulnerable side has made her question if she truly belongs with her royal friends and family. She has a tendency to worry about her own self-worth and if she can handle being a princess. While she doesn't get scared often, when she does she will lose some of her confidence, which can cause trouble for her. Sofia has shoulder-length wavy auburn hair occasionally she ties it in a ponytail , light blue eyes, a mid brow, and fair skin with rosy cheeks.

She usually wears a princess gown of a lilac bodice trimmed in two lines of pearls down the front and along the neckline and wings on the skirt, a pearl-hemmed and studded lilac petaled skirt with a row of great lace drops and trumpets each arranged like a four-leaf clover or cross on a nimbus, and a yellowish petticoat with a lilac band; a swirly tiara inset with pink sapphires, white pearls, and a turquoise diamond; violet slippers with bows and mid heels; and the royal family's Amulet of Avalor, a huge fire opal drop cabochon on a swirly silver backing topped with three sapphires and on a silver necklace wrapped over amethyst beans.

In the pilot for her debutante ball her dress had elaborate lacework on the shoulders and fourteen scrolls and terminal cloverleaves about each nimbus.

During the crossover her amulet has turned pink and her dress turned into a violet gown like when she was a commoner, her Derby outfit, and sorceress robe, where her bodice now has white vines on a pink front between the only lines of pearls each clustered with eight smaller pearls and her sheer overskirt has shafts of four spade-like pairs of tendrils against beams all greater below the next over 15 drops arranged as daisy petals over the violet skirt with three white fan stripes between each shaft.

She also wears purple slippers and white stockings. But earlier the Disney websites featured her in an intermediate glittery outfit of the purple skirt with opalescent clover-nimbus motif, pink petticoat, and violet bow-tie slippers, and stockings and a purple amulet, which she did not wear in the crossover, but more often in the episodes since " The Bamboo Kite ".

So both of her special outfits in the television specials did not become employed regularly instead of the simpler ones. Sofia's promotional art and merchandise broadly depart on the dress and amulet. When she goes on outings she usually wears a violet equestrian suit for riding, of a cap with bow, jacket, trousers, and boots, but her shirt is lilac like her flying pony Minimus.

When she has a Buttercups meeting she wears what essentially looks like a Girl Scouts uniform of the s which, much like the Fireside Girls in Phineas and Ferb , has a beret with emblem, shirt, and skirt here of shades of yellow, but with uniform tan vests of badges, tan shoes, and red socks. Each Buttercup has also worn a green or red backpack. Otherwise when Sofia travels on foot she wears a long dress with three stripes at the bottom, a thick coat, sometimes a bow, and a narrow-brimmed hat with a headstrap and a band with her tiara emblem.

Sofia's amulet lets her change to the size of a rodent or wee sprite or into a mermaid, whenever she needs to. As a mermaid she has a violet tail, lilac top with sheer waist frill, bra of several pink scallop shells and a amethyst-beaded strap, bracelet of starfish and seashells, and golden tiara of stars, a pair of seahorses, and some gems.

Sofia says good-bye to her friends Ruby and Jade before heading to the castle. Sofia is warmly welcomed by everyone at the castle except Amber, who is jealous of her, and Cedric , who is annoyed that she cannot say his name right. Later, her new father announces that she will have A Royal Ball in honor of her Royal Debut and gives her a beautiful necklace that she must promise to never take off. The next day at Royal Prep, all the other kids take an instant shine to Sofia. Sofia runs away and stumbles across a baby bird that had fallen out of its nest and puts it back.

Her necklace glows and she hears the birds say "thank you". When she gets home, Cedric reveals that her amulet is magical and the next day she discovers she can talk to animals. For the next few days, Sofia struggles with her studies.

At Dance Class Amber tricks her again and when she gets home she asks Cedric for a spell. When it puts everyone to sleep, Sofia's amulet summons Cinderella. At Cinderella 's urging, Sofia and Amber reconcile and fix everything. She then dances with her new father and then her whole family. Sofia appears in Elena of Avalor pilot special, where she learns the great mystery behind her Amulet from Alacazar: Princess Elena of Avalor has been trapped in her Amulet for forty-one years.

Believing she cannot tell her family the truth, Sofia convinces them to spend the Royal Family's summer vacation there.

With her powers, Shuriki's wand , and help from the Jaquins and Alacazar's grandson Mateo , Sofia frees Elena, who sets off to defeat Shuriki on her own.

When this fails, Sofia and Elena team up and together they free their families during which Sofia finally reveals the truth about her Amulet to her family and admitting that all of her secret intention was to protect them. They then rally the Citizens of Avalor and defeat Shuriki. Freeing Elena also turns her Amulet pink.

Afterwards, she is rewarded with a new dress. As the protagonist, Sofia is a major character throughout the series. As a neophyte Royal, she struggles to find her place among the world of Royalty and prove herself worthy of her new status. She also must learn the responsibilities that come with being the bearer of the Amulet of Avalor and its powers. She also finds herself caught between things she wants to do as a free spirit and what she must do as a Princess.

Sofia reveals to love sports such as the Flying Derby. Her love of sports leads to her trying out for the RPA's Flying Derby team despite everyone telling her it is a Prince only thing. Sofia quickly proves to be a prodigy when she becomes able to ride her horse Minimus and tackle most of the race course in just one day. She eventually wins the tryout race and makes the team.

She becomes so good that she is able to win the Flying Crown for Royal Prep for the first time in a hundred years and teach herself how to ride a griffin and drive both a flying coach and flying sleigh. She also loves athletic activities that are considered Princess only things like Enchanted Ice Dancing. It is revealed that most of her physical prowess comes from the real world experience she has gained as a Buttercup Scout. She has also learned spell casting, a skill that has grown to the point where she is the top student in sorcery class.

Sofia also goes out of her way to help Amber and James learn important life lessons. She helps Amber learn to not be afraid to try new things and commit to rescuing missions with help from Princess Jasmine and Mulan. She also teaches James how to be a good sport and that some things are more important than winning.

Sofia learns about her amulet's third ability the hard way after it places a curse on her for bragging to her friends about being chosen to be the Anthem Singer. With help from Belle, she is able to break the curse. Not because she wouldn't like them, but just because we don't expose her to a lot of different things. I discovered in my years of nannying that the fewer options there are, the less fighting occurs. All of that to say, I really love Sofia, therefore S2 loves her.

Isn't it amazing to have such control over someone else? I really enjoy it. Anyway, man I'm long-winded and getting off track today, I knew we would be meeting Sofia at Hollywood Studios and I wanted special purple shirts so we could take a photo like so:. Posted by Jenna Pennell at 8: No Comments Yet, Leave Yours! Click to learn more about me and love. Disclosure Some of the links on this site are affiliate links, which means, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a small commission if you click through and make a purchase.

Thank you for supporting Love Lake Living! I have a fun tutorial for you today. If you don't already know, I'm a graphic designer by trade and spend hours e So, I've been keeping a big secret from you guys.

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