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I would definitely say 2 different colors.

Choosing Damas Dresses in Dallas Texas. Hello Dallas quinceaneras and quinceanera moms. As you already know, choosing damas dresses in Dallas TX can be difficult. In a perfect world, each dama would wear the same exact dress and look absolutely stunning in it.
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Damas is designed to be the first of many concepts with a purpose of sourcing products and ideas. Providing a platform for other women to showcase their passion allows us to build a community of women who are mindful of one another and the strengths we can all bring to support and encourage one another.


Choosing Damas Dresses in Chicago Illinois. Hello Chicago quinceaneras and quinceanera moms. As you already know, choosing damas dresses in Chicago IL can be difficult. In a perfect world, each dama would wear the same exact dress and look absolutely stunning in it.

You can pick out your size range or the type of clothing you need to buy in order to focus in on the clothes you need. Special subcategories in the Women's Clothing department make it easier for women with particular clothing needs to find what they want.

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The main children's clothing sections cater to boys and girls who are usually in elementary and middle school, though each kid may size out of these ranges at different points in their lives. Would a Hi-Low be a safe cut? I would say royal blue or light pink for the dama dresses.

It depends if she wants a lighter look or darker look. I think a high low could definitely be a great option. Sometimes short can get too short on some or the same with long dresses, some of those get too long! I think mid length like mid calf can be unflattering in general for most body types.

My theme is butterflies with aqua blue and white. Any suggestions on what color they should wear and a theme I should pick? I usually have a hard time picking dresses because of my skin tone. If you could help that would be great. How about something peachy or light color?

Lilac, baby blue and peach all look really pretty with tan skin. My quince is going to be candy themed because although my birthday is 3 days before Halloween I am doing it on Halloween because it is that upcoming Saturday. Hi, going with different colors for damas will be nice with a candy theme. I think if you go with different colored dresses, have them in the same style. If you go with one color for your dresses, then go with different styles.

This will prevent it from looking mismatched if you go with one way or the other. Does this make sense? My theme is going to be cinderella and my dress is sky blue with a very thin and hardly noticeable layer of purple. How about white or silver dresses? Ruby red sounds very pretty! Red is lovely with white, gold, black, silver or even purple. I would pick your color scheme and put your damas in the other color, say, white.

Hi Arden, I would put your damas in either gold, silver, or a combination of both. You could also alternate the gold and silver dresses! For the chambelanes, you can incorporate these colors in with either black or white suits, or even tan suits.

Hot pink, deep purple and blue 2. Hot pink, black 3. Hot pink, black, and a print zebra, damask print, stripes, etc 4. Hot pink, silver 5. Hot pink, white 6. Hot pink, orange and yellow. I dont know what color should my damas wear. I like silver for damas, especially if your dress is pink and has some silver in it. White dresses would also be very pretty. You might also consider grey for your chambelanes. I was thinking of talking to her about doing a butterfly theme party?

Her dress was also fuschia, and her colors were fuschia, purple and aqua blue. Those colors are really pretty together and give you lots of options for decorating. Her damas wore aqua blue dresses; purple dresses would also be a very nice option. Her chambelanes wore black tuxes and her chambelan de honor wore white to stand out.

Other colors that go with fuschia: I think fuschia would go nice with white or grey suits for a butterfly theme because they are softer than a black suit. Yes it did help. Your job is to do the best you can. First and foremost, you will want to make sure the dama dress is a different color than the quinceanera's dress.

Gray, white, or beige are all good dama colors because they will not take any attention away from the quinceanera and her beautiful dress. If your damas can afford to all wear the same style and brand of dress, then consider yourself lucky.

If there are budget issues, then the least you can do is ask the damas to all wear the same color dress. The more alike they damas look, the more the quinceanera will stand out on her special day. Second, you should look for a dress style that will look great on every dama. The traditional A-line style is recommended.

This style is wonderful for most body types. Encourage them to try and be uniform in their selections. Fuller-figured girls can go with scoop necks or possibly v-necks.

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SHOP DAMAS. likes. A Women's Concept Store Curated By Unseen Heroes/5(9). In the Damas collection of QuinceaƱera dresses, you will find an array of stunning gowns for your sweet 15! Find the dress of your dreams. We offer a large selection of cute damas dresses for girls in your quinceanera party. If you are on a budget, we also have many affordable dresses for your damas. Let us know if you need help finding something and we can offer suggestions for you.