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GAP has a long way to go before it is as humane as it seems.

The 35 companies we have listed below are some of our favorite ethical alternatives to fast fashion companies. Each one has made it a central part of their mission to approach fashion in an ethical and transparent way that considers both people and the planet.
High end fashion and brands have become a part of our everyday life with the clothing and apparel industry booming like never before. Here's a list of some of the most popular clothing brands .
A final note about the list: We ranked each company according to annual revenue across all regions for its most recent fiscal year, which varies slightly by company. 1. Nike.
The 35 companies we have listed below are some of our favorite ethical alternatives to fast fashion companies. Each one has made it a central part of their mission to approach fashion in an ethical and transparent way that considers both people and the planet.
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There are a lot of reasons for that, including different economies and less clothing brand options. Look at it this way: Uh, definitely not American Apparel. Many companies are doing little things here and there to gain better reputations about their labor practices, but something still stinks. Company websites tout cleanliness and fair practices of the factories of their suppliers, but lets be real: Especially when their clothes are made in Bangladeshi factories that catch fire and cause the deaths of over people thanks to poorly designed working conditions?

What about a factory collapse that kills over 1, people? Unfortunately, some of your favorite clothing stores have had a nasty habit of allowing their clothes to be made in sweatshops , underpaying and mistreating factory workers , and generally being sketchy af. No, and it takes a lot more than not shopping at Forever 21 to change this messy system.

But if you want to avoid giving so much of your money to companies that product their clothes unethically, avoid these 11 clothing stores and brands. Zara keeps getting into hot water.

Not long after that, nothing seemed to have changed, because they were once again in trouble for rights violations, employing children, and forcing its employees to work for over 12 hours straight. A photo posted by forever21 forever21 on Apr 24, at 9: Department of Labor discovered that a Los Angeles factory producing clothes for a variety of companies, including Forever 21, was underpaying its workers and often forcing them to work for over 10 hours without overtime.

Honestly, there seems to be quite a few stories of Forever 21 being beyond sketchy. A photo posted by Urban Outfitters urbanoutfitters on Mar 12, at 2: Urban Outfitters was another one of the brands that had clothing made in those sweatshop-like factories that I just mentioned.

A photo posted by Gap gap on Mar 13, at 6: GAP is more transparent than it used to be and has made more of an effort to make sure that its garment workers are treated humanely.

GAP even donated millions of dollars to the victims of the Rana Plaza factory collapse, which killed over people. But garment workers at factories that make GAP clothing still protest and strike. Their wages are absolute garbage. GAP has a long way to go before it is as humane as it seems.

A photo posted by Primark primark on Apr 28, at The Rana Plaza building collapse killed people, many of whom helped make clothing for UK fast fashion brand, Primark. A photo posted by adidas Originals adidasoriginals on Apr 4, at 6: According to Oxfam , Adidas supplies thousands of its garment workers with poverty wages.

A photo posted by Victoria's Secret victoriassecret on Apr 15, at Yes, allegedly, a dash of forced child labor went into your fave organic VS undies. A photo posted by Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. Wal-Mart has—fairly—been called out for its history of underpaying and exploiting employees, but little is known about the origins of its cheap clothing.

Well, unfortunately, Wal-Mart brand clothing was also made at the site of the Rana Plaza collapse, though Wal-Mart claims they had no idea that its clothing was made there. A photo posted by uniqlousa uniqlousa on Apr 11, at 6: Uniqlo, a Japanese based fast-fashion company, has its eyes set on conquering the US market.

But now it is expanding, but at what cost? Well, apparently at the cost of garment employees, because they work in really crappy conditions.

The Chinese factory where many of their clothes are made features disgustingly long hours, low pay, awful working environment, cruel treatment from management…yeah, sounds like a sweatshop to me. Employees claimed that they were paid just a third of their average monthly salary. Screw your cozy clothes, pay your workers. Roxy division of Quiksilver. TheFind -fashion shopping engine. Wrangler - Wrangler Europe - Wrangler Hero.

If you have suggestions for apparel companies to add to this list, let us know. If you are bored learning about fashion companies, you may wish to take a break and do some shopping. Buying clothing is always a nice distraction.

You are welcome to stop at any time and do some clothes shopping. If you wish to continue your education about the fashion industry, you can read some fashion news. You may find news about the company you had been researching.

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This section of the Apparel Search website is for locating fashion companies by name. This section does not include all of the apparel companies, but you will find a nice selection. We will add new listings periodically.

Thus far, we have listed only a small portion of the apparel companies that have been of interest to us. We will most definitely add more in the near future. If you know a clothing company that you think should be included on this list, you are welcome to make suggestions.

This list of the top clothing companies in the world also features famous clothing brands. What are the most successful clothing companies? There are popular name-brand American labels like Abercrombie & Fitch, Nike, and Ralph Lauren, along with newer upstarts CLE . Pages in category "Clothing brands" The following pages are in the current category. This list may not reflect recent changes (). Pages in category "Clothing companies of the United States" The following pages are in this category, out of approximately total. This list may not reflect recent changes (learn more).