Fashion 101: How to Find a Manufacturer

It’s a deeply rooted issue that goes way beyond the manufacturer. All clothing manufacturers purchase fabrics and components from subcontractors. The number of subcontractors can range from a two or three, to more than one hundred.

The company is run from Thailand and the US NC and we do consulting for businesses wanting to source, manufacture, market, or invest in Asia. Please contact me at whogotgame5 gmail.

Custom Clothing Manufacturing Overseas: An Overview You’re ready to take your clothing line to the next level and start manufacturing custom apparel overseas. It can be a very exciting but also overwhelming process, so let’s go through an overview of what it the process looks like.
It’s a deeply rooted issue that goes way beyond the manufacturer. All clothing manufacturers purchase fabrics and components from subcontractors. The number of subcontractors can range from a two or three, to more than one hundred.
Udall preaches due diligence at every step. The decision, after all, will have a direct impact on the quality of your product, your company's reputation and the bottom line. When choosing a manufacturer, you'll need to consider the nature of your company and how well the supply chain supports its business model.
Feb 09,  · Hi My wife has been in the industry for manufacturers of clothing for people like Nike, Wilson, Reebok, Walmart, Dillards etc. She has done her education from FIT in NY.
Long emails - Your first email to a manufacturer should be clear and concise. Avoid telling too much about your story and background. The first email should be purely to assess potential fit at a high level. Focus on what suppliers care about the most like the details of what you’re trying to source.
How to Design & Spec for Custom Garments

Starting a Clothing Line – Finding a Manufacturer in China

1- Experienced clothing manufacturer accept small orders 2- Incredible minimum order quantity 3- On time delivery 4- Competitive price 5- Strict quality control 6- Can produce according to drawings or samples. We deal in sampling, sourcing and manufacturing of men’s and women’s wear.

Design of custom garments typically begins with a fashion flat to convey all details about the garment. Depending on your drawing skills, most designers will do these on the computer using Adobe Illustrator, although some will hand sketch. Regardless of how you start out, most sketches are finalized digitally where they transform from fashion flats to tech sketches which include callouts of all garment details.

These flats are then compiled into a tech pack which includes everything a factory would need to know about making the garment including: Additionally, it can be challenging to find a factory that is willing to work with new designers, which is why working with an intermediary can be a great option.

While it costs money to hire an agency, it can save time, resources and aggravation over the long run. If you want more info check out this article on Apparel Sourcing. After sourcing and finding a factory to manufacture your products, the product development begins. The process will include submit and review of many items relevant to your garment including: Lab dips a swatch of fabric dyed to match a specified color and thread submits for approval.

Some of the biggest challenges with overseas manufacturing include minimums and lead time. This timeline is especially true and can even be longer for new companies as they have to develop everything from scratch working out kinks in construction and fit can be two of the most challenging issues. Overseas manufacturing can often provide a unit price that is lower than stateside manufacturing, but take into account a few things first. While the unit price is lower, the total price may be higher since you have to buy more inventory, which can be riskier.

Manufacturing overseas to create your own custom garments is a huge and scary but often necessary step to take for many designers.

My email address is marquita malmquistlaw. I am the one you are looking for. Pls send email to hina sourceeasy. I had no idea there were so many replies to my comment. If anyone is interested in follow up, you can contact me via my website at http: Guys, I can suggest you one company here who is doing great in the area of Private Label Clothing. In order to know more, please explore: The range of our product line, excellent quality and competitive prices have made us one of the most reliable names among our buyers across the globe.

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Props for posting here — good move on your part. I need a pattern maker as well as a factory. Can i get your contact information please? All the best, Alex. Hi, my name is Parvez, and I have a factory where we do take order from different clothing company especially for men casual or forms t-shirt and shirt. We have our own showroom in Bangladesh and our factory is also located in Bangladsh.

If any company interested to do business with us and want to give us their order. We can do for them. We take order from small to large volume and we follow international rules, regulation and procedure when we manufacture garment. We have 50 factory employees that run through factory everyday.

Hello, My name is Parvez and I have a factory located in Bangladesh and we do take order from different company. Please contact me if you want to know more from our company.

Your Fashion Maker They are located in Sweden and will not really charge more than some of the Turkish manufacturers that I have previously worked with. They also speak english, which is a major plus to me. They specifically mention the following:. No minimum order requirements Helping startups and smaller businesses Help with pattern making as well as producing samples and small batches. We Offering Source service.

Feel free to let me know if anything we could do for you. Any questions Please drop to elflockman hotmail. The global journey of an item into my wardrobe … taylerjeanccs. Any recommendations would be appreciated! We are Enzatex International Group Co. We would like to become your partner. If you are interested in or have any inquiry, please just feel free to contact us by email address: We hope to receive your dear support and cooperation in the future. Hi, we are looking for plus size women factories to make our samples and start a good business relationship.

We are a small start-up based in London. Please feel free to contact us: Hi Ade, I would be very interested in chatting with you further. I wish to now produce my own brand. Your feedback would be so appreciated.

Hi my name is sam Im looking at seting off a clothing line i want to start with polo shirts t shirts jumpers scalfs hats but i want thick good quaility material beacuse i will be a long time costomer to the right person i want patterns prints even badges to go on to clothes with my logo design metal placks at the bottom of the jumpers and hats if all possible labels tags ect made to be sold basicly looking to start straight away can any one help??? If you need to contact me you can get me by my email Sophia.

Signup now and start your journey! So it is very important to find a responsible factory. If they are responsible, they are reliable, and will be your ears and eyes for your products manufacturing in another country. China is a good option if you know how to find the right factory for you. Tell you the secret: Most of them are small factories.

If you need my help just let me know. I can be your free tour guide. I have been in plastic injection molding and tooling for more than 6 years. For any assistance, you can get in touch with me: If anyone is looking for a apparel manufacturing service with low minimums, please contact us at info brydenapparel.

For more info, visit us at http: Hello, I am Zulaa, sales person of Rootsmen Company. We are professional at producing various types of bags and cosmetic bags. Our factory is located in Guangzhou, China. If anyone who looking for reliable manufacturer, do not hesitate to contact me by my email: Our factory provide high quality shirts. We have 30 qualified employers and production 6. Company founded in so we have 29 years experience in production. Our company have the best machines, technology and 30 skilled seamstresses — everything to deliver best product to our clients.

Austria France, Germany, Czech Republic. High end fashion brands at a good price. Please guide me the correct direction.. Its been a long dream of mine to open up my own shoe shop. It is so great to hear that you are planning to have a shop.

I am sure that you will succeed sooner. In reference for your request, I would like to introduce myself and the company i am working with. I am zulaa, a sales person of Rootsmen Company. We are professional manufacturer of bags and cosmetic bags. I am kindly asking you to review our company profile from http: With our large sales network we hope to give you a competitive price and quality items. If you have an interest, please contact me by my email: Hello, my name is Callie M.

Currently based in Gauteng, South Africa I would like to know if there any manufacturers who are working with small pieces and have great costs for a small business like mine. Looking forward to making your own label? Finding it hard to import your garments and apparel? Why not partner with a manufacturing company based here in the Philippines, that specializes in manufacturing Swimwear, Uniforms, Casual garments and all your apparel needs.

Boasting our top of the line and state of the art machines to cater to your every need. You can email your requirement on sandeep orangemangodesignstudio. Hi Kimi, Good to know you.. Yes I can help you out in patterns makers and manufacturers for a children clothing line..

You can contact us on sandeep orangemangodesignstudio. For Bali manufacturing I can recommend: Clear and professional agents. Hi,which place in barcelona can i find womens wholesale clothing and children pls send me map pls tks alot. Does anyone know of a production company that specializes in this area?

Any help would be greatly appreciated! We are welcome for small units and pls contact me at man welindltd. Hi Scott, Hope u are well. We are one of the knit and woven manufacturer in China. We could do both small or big order and could provide fast responsing and sampling service.

Please feel free to contact us at man welindltd. Hi, I am in the process of fining a quality pattern maker, to produce a variety of underwear for a new line. We are based in the UK and are open to building relationships with pattern makers here in the UK as well as overseas. Hi, I looking for a manufacturing company that can produce my clothing line I have 5 designs that I would like to create. This is Daniel from http: May I request you to share your design brief to us through email, so that we can look into the requirement details and work out the costing for you?

Our email ID is: Hi, are you still looking for a manufacture? My company provides sourcing and quality check services in India. You can contact us via email: Looking for an apparel manufacturing company you can trust with your label? We manufacture Swimwear, Casual Wear, Clothing. You name it, we can make it. Georgina Clothing Enterprise, Inc. Hello We are a clothing manufacturer in Guangzhou, China. We mainly manufacture kid clothing and shoes, however we can also manage to manufacture products for adults as well.

If you have an interest in our factory, please contact us with following email address: Good Day starting my own lingerie line have ideas ready to do business pls contact me. My line is more classic than sexy and provocative. Hi, I am looking for an Italian apparel manufacturer who will help work with us to create a high quality clothing line.

Please contact me on: Would be great to get your help and advise, I am starting a new fashion company in england and desperately need some help. Hello Eleanor, I might be able to help you, but need to know a little bit more details. Can you tell me what is the clothing line? With more than 25 years experience in the business we provide our clients with best quality garments.

Please drop send messages to my box elflockman hotmail. Hello We are manufacturers of fashion clothing, working in the high-fashion industry. We specialize in all kinds of handmade embroidery and beading all within our own factory and other… Working with women lines mostly. Please contact me at: Looking for a factory that can make alomost every aspect of our brand. From hats, shirts, sweaters, socks, and grooming supplies. Hello, I am looking for a manufacture for a workout line.

Please feel free to email me if you have any good companies in mind. We can work with all kind of fibers such as acrylic, polyester, viscoza, cotton, wool and alpaca and blends. We can manufacture anything, so if you have a picture as reference we can start doing samples and making quotations for you. We always offer the best quality for a competitive price.

We work with high-end designers whose minimums are as low as 10, and also work with large-scale brands producing 2, units per production run. Each project is created with the designers and us, working closely together. Please feel free to contact me at anytime: Hello, I am starting a clothing line and am currently looking for a manufacturer that can do high neck long sleeve shirts, tshirts, sweaters, etc.

If you would be interested in working with us please comment beneath with your name, factory location and contact information email! Hope you are doing well!! I would like to introduce my company Purplepink Apparel Manufacturing to you. Purplepink is an experienced custom made clothing manufacturing company which develop design, produce your private label clothing line with: Our product range include western wear blouses,tops, dresses, gowns, skirts; shirts, t-shirts, pants, jackets to traditional wear.

We have good quality product, small minimum order acceptance, good delivery time and economics price. We will make the samples for your design first, so you can evaluate our quality and make decision about this.

Please feel free to contact us if you are in need of our services. Prachi Gupta Contact us: Purplepink is an experienced custom made clothing manufacturing company which develops design, produce your private label clothing line with: Our product range include western wear blouses,tops, dresses, gowns, skirts; shirts, t-shirts, pants, jackets.

Hi You can contact us purplrpinkapparels gmail. Middle Eastern countries as it aligns with my brand. Please share your factory location, name and email with me here! My name is John. Im the owner of a t-shirt manufacturing factory. Textile industry is well developed in vietnam from time to time.

You will be amazed by the price and the quality that you recieved when working with us. Hi Shaiba, This is Mehmet from Turkey. We are manufacturer company in Turkey last for 5 years.

We can provide you for shoes and dresses. We are looking for a pattern maker for women shape wear and a manufacturer. Does anyone know a good contact? Anyone here needs the packaging bags, non-wovon bags as well as gift bags.

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Hi how are you my name is Zach. I am fluent in Mandarin Chinese, so am open to working with companies located in China. I currently have some orders that need to be filled but need a manufacturer with small minimum requirements. We are an ethical apparel production company mainly exporting to Europe Private labels for more than 20 years. We accept low minimum order quantity MOQ as well as big volume. Quality is our main focus. Hello,I can help U in Europe. I have own sewingfactory in Poland and I cooperate with a few different companies.

Please contact me — witold. Would be great to talk to you and get your advice. Could you please contact me at igkirill yahoo. Hi, My name Harry. I am going to start a small fashion label.

I myself is planning to do a gown boutique and i also need to find a pattern maker, and a manufacturer that specialises gown making with a wide variety of laces, fabrics, and embroidery and embellishments. I am looking for a manufacturer for a new petit clothing line. If there is someone out there that can help please email me. I am looking for a manufacture in India please email me julio jcabacorp.

We are quality oriented and can produce business clothing. We are quality oriented and accept small minimum quantity. Hello my name is Marvin, I am based in london, and I am starting a line of women clothing. Mainly coats and tops, i need a factory , if anybody can help me please contact me Mpeltier81 outlook.

I will be in Jaipur in December to take meetings. Please email me at ljemitchell gmail. Hey my name is Antonio, I am looking for a well manufacture that can specializes in Shirts, Jeans, and Hoodies. You can contact me on antoniokevinp4 gmail. I got a kind of shirt which with nice quality and low MOQ offer.

Feel free to let me know if anything I could do for you. Please drop to elflockman hotmail. Greetings this article has been very helpful. Mostly because the pieces are all one of a kind Couture art. People only think of me seasonally. Whoever I will do my research and compare using the guide of this article.

As well as the wealth of information contained in these comments to help me. On my first step out to mass production. I really ready to turn a seasonal artsy clothing line into a professional and profitable business. Play time is over. If there are any factories that can produce bags and will take new orders I can also source the materials. Thank again for this informative article and the very helpful comments. Im currently searching for a pattern cutter and seamstress to urgently help me with my collection.

Im a newbie and yes i don not have spec sheets of my designs,i just have my sketches and i want to enter a fashion show in may next year…PPPPPPllllllllease help.. Hi, I am Gela. I am a fashion designer from Switzerland. I am looking for a manufacturer which can make perfectly dresses, bags and shoes for woman including patterns of course.

Turkey, Morocco, Tunisia and India! Only specialising manufacturers please! Please check out http: Do I look at patternmakers or wholesalers? Sounds great im interested in the advice you have given , do you have contact info or you can email me at Vpevents gmail. Pls feels fee to contact us at: Can do small order quantity at cheap price.

Any suggestions or advice is appreciated! Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Please let me know if you know a company that can help me. Hi I am looking to start a clothing line for men that specializes in technical fabrics. Does anyone have any leads to manufacturers? You can contact us at beachoffice survivalthebrand. Hi, My name is Henriette. Im looking for a shoe manufacturer. I want to start with a small volume order and than expand as as my business increases.

I am also interested in accessories like handbags, belts, jewelry, bracelets and rings, but my mane priority is shoes. Can someone please help me out?

I am looking to re create a pair of cotton leggings for kids in a few different pantones. I have samples I can send… anyone in particular anyone can recommend? My Name is Estine I can help you for any production. I can help you find the right factory to make your products at a good price and of good quality.

We are involved in manufacturing, quality control and transportation. For more information, you can contact us by email. I could assist on that!! Please drop to me billy gmail. I am starting my own apparel line with the first product being casual underwear. The underwear will be print driven, designed by me. I am trying to find a factory that will give me a good deal for an initial small unit order. If anyone has any information to help me launch the process, you can read me at iliestarellas gmail.

Hi, I urgently need a factory that produces lace to turn my wax prints into lace wax prints. Mostly silk fabrics and some lace. The factory would need to be able to sew beautiful French seams, baby hems, etc. I have paper patterns. You can contact me at: Hi Kathleen, my name is Precious. I would like to talk to you, get your insights about a few things.

Can I get your email or any other means of contact? Go to my website. Something very trendy, similar to Sorella boutique, Matte, cupcake mafia, fashion nova etc.

Hello, I am looking for a manufacturer specializing in swimwear, if anyone can recommend a reliable company, in Italy, Turkey, or Asia.. Hi Mariceli We are a corporate Turkish apparel manufacturer located in Istanbul. We are interested in your inquiry and would like to collaborate with yourselves.

If you can e-mail us your inquiry to emel conceptela. Best Regards Emel Unlusoy. Hi Gela It is obvious from your message that you probably had problem s with a Turkish manufacturer. They are lower than low quantities.

They are not even Salesman Sample quantites. Wishing you good luck in your very small business. Hi Antonio We are a corporate Turkish apparel manufacturer located in Istanbul. If you can e-mail us your inquiry to emel concepela. We have sympathy if anything bad happened with you but for that you should not generalise whole set of other manufacturer of that country.

With due respect, just to say that one bad thing has happened by any indian manufacturer, it is not therefore certain that all other manufacturer of India is bad! Please do not take our reply to you here as an attempt to win your business. Hello all, I am looking for a manufacturer in the U. Please contact me if you can help: I would prefer from Italy or from any other country in Asia. I can be reached at gode. Hi, I am looking to start my own clothing line or little kids.

I would like to do shirts, pants, tutus, and dresses and sweaters, and possibly backpacks. I also would like to do shirts for women. I have the ideas in my head. Just dont have the skills to draw it out Please email me if you are able to help and point me in the right direction. I would like to start of with a few select items and not do all of these ideas at once. If you guys have any recommendations please email me!

Hey guys — gerat input! I am looking for a factory specialised in silk. We would love to start a sleepwear line in Europe offering mainly pyjamas and are in desperate need for a good quality factory offering full service. Can you please help? My name is Danielle and I am looking to start my own swimwear line and I have no idea where to start.

I want to know where i get my shirt made in brazil and sell it in the usa. I know the fabric in brazil is really good. I supply clothing accessories for female apparels. Please I need a contact to contact your company cos I really need help on my boutique for product.

I am looking for a company, preferably in the UK who can perform complex embroidery to a high standard on sweatshirts and t-shirts. We offer all services you needed with a low minimum order for a starter. For more information, contact us at https: Very experienced on ready-to-wear, we have the interest to know your needs.

Competitive prices with high quality, we are prepared to make small and big quantities. With 10 years of existence, our company is very experienced in the manufacture of: Know our entreprise and our products at http: We, as Unica Textile, are a reliable manufacturer located in Istanbul, Turkey.

We order own fabric, trims and also collection to fullfill requests of our customers. We serve to our customers in several groups:

Another great place to find manufacturers for your clothing and apparel brand is by calling or visiting a local fashion school or fashion and apparel incubator. These institutions are rich sources for vetted manufacturers since these schools and incubators tend to have good relationships with many manufacturers and make use of them regularly. 1- Experienced clothing manufacturer accept small orders 2- Incredible minimum order quantity 3- On time delivery 4- Competitive price 5- Strict quality control 6- Can produce according to drawings or samples. We deal in sampling, sourcing and manufacturing of men’s and women’s wear. Udall preaches due diligence at every step. The decision, after all, will have a direct impact on the quality of your product, your company's reputation and the bottom line. When choosing a manufacturer, you'll need to consider the nature of your company and how well the supply chain supports its business model.