2013 Design Awards Winners

Design Awards. The American Institute of Architects Portland announced their annual awards for design excellence at a gala celebration held Friday evening, October 18, , at the Left Bank Annex.

Collaboration comes naturally to Frédéric Malle, who has worked closely with the most respected perfumers in the industry to create his highly original and influential range of scents. Two Think outside the box for your décor, creating personalized pieces. Instead of closing off the allocated space, the Cour Visconti, and building upwards, the architects played with the ground level, extending the existing foundations to create a vast, light-filled exhibition space with black concrete walls and no structural partitions.

Created for winners of iF DESIGN AWARDS to express their design competence.
The Design Awards. When it comes to interior design, these are the best of the best. Ready to be inspired? Read on, and enjoy. Jun Share: Year after year, we invite all land interior designers to show us their very best work for our annual Home Design Awards contest. And year after year, we continue to be more and more impressed.
Design Awards AIA Orlando’s annual Design Award Competition & Gala is one of Florida’s most prestigious and inclusive design honors; bringing together architects, designers, and allied professionals in a celebration of exemplary design for both theoretical and built projects.
Created for winners of iF DESIGN AWARDS to express their design competence.
Design Awards. The American Institute of Architects Portland announced their annual awards for design excellence at a gala celebration held Friday evening, October 18, , at the Left Bank Annex.
1,200 submissions. 54 finalists. 9 winners. It all came down to one night.

Architecture Awards is an all inclusive category, and recognizes design excellence for completed architecture executed in all scales, of all types of buildings, .

The living area features a plush sectional, a table made from a tree removed from the property and an oil painting of Table Rock Lake painted by Nancy Dahlberg and her daughter, Kathleen Dahlberg Fogler. Mission Statement Embrace the family's love of nature, the lake and entertaining by using a combination of rustic, modern and vintage elements. She did the same with this project, this time asking the questions to herself and her family. Dahlberg unified the look of the home by using a common color scheme and pulling in natural elements with fabrics, textures and artwork.

Since they built the house in , it has been the perfect retreat for Dahlberg, her husband, Tom, and their three grown children, who currently live in Denver and Boston. Master Escape — The master bedroom is given a luxurious-yet-comfortable touch with soft cotton bedding. Burlap on the end tables adds an eye-pleasing contrast.

Artwork featuring sailboats gives the room a nautical touch. One by using colors of nature and natural elements in your décor. Two Think outside the box for your décor, creating personalized pieces. In a downstairs bathroom, Dahlberg created a custom-built sink from an old barrel above , and in the game room, she created an art light from an old ski the entire family has used below.

Dinning Out — As a child, Dahlberg spent a lot of time at a lake house in Connecticut, and her favorite memory includes eating meals on its screened-in porch. Hot In The Kitchen — The kitchen is home to a few hidden secrets, including built-in storage in the island and a pull-up food processor built into the countertop. They succeeded at this by keeping the design fairly simple, yet elegant, using lots of repetition with candles, baskets and other textures.

To help bring the outside in, Dahlberg added grasses, woods and other natural touches in the décor. Custom Hardware Advanced Welding S. The Nest, Thicket and Branches E. Barrels Independent Barrel Stave Co. OO, Reeds Spring , meeks. Lighting Lighthouse Gallery S. Bright Bath — Moderlighting and a chic medicine cabinet give this bathroom a one-of-a-kind look, and orange walls give the space energy.

Mission Statement Transform the bathroom to be lighter, more spacious and open. The space began as a dark, cramped bathroom that was in desperate need of a creative mind and some flow.

The renovation allowed a door to be added between the bedroom and outer vanity, as well as the creation of a new shower layout.

This alone made the bathroom seem more open. To stick with the objective of a more spacious feel for the bathroom, lighter colored tiles replaced the original floor tiles and were added to the walls of the shower. Storage was also added, as well as improved lighting and bright colors. Paint and simplify hardware.

Hardware Southern Supply E. Division, Springfield , southernsupply. Paint Sherwin Williams S. Mission Statement Create a monochromatic, collected, lved-in look in just one day.

Nathan Taylor Obelisk Home W. Working on a very tight deadline, Interior Designer Nathan Taylor had just one day to transform this large living room into a cozy, soothing space. He got to work swapping the European antiques and small-scaled items for plump couches and large-scale furnishings. The goal for this room was to create a comfortable living space where the owner could relax with a book or invite friends over without feeling boxed in or uncomfortable.

To give the room that cool, cozy atmosphere, Taylor worked with clean lines and a neutral palette. Obelisk Home fitted the room with furnishings swathed in creams, grays and deep purples.

Using the chair as a starting point, Obelisk Home brought in all new furnishings. Taylor left the windows bare to let in plenty of natural light, and he used natural elements, such as reclaimed wood table tops and wicker baskets, to give the room a calming atmosphere. One Mix texture and pattern. Two Skip the drapes or blinds. Three Layer in collected items, such as books, sculptures, picture frames and other odds and ends.

Furniture Obelisk Home W. Dining Light — Three floor mirrors rest against this dining room's back wall reflecting light and balancing the size of the room. Mission Statement Turn the massive dining room in to a comfortable lounge area great for enjoying long discussions. Stephanie Lynch and Jim Michels. To create a lounge look in this expansive dining room, Interior Designer Nathan Taylor first had to figure out how to fill the space without cluttering it. He had Jim Faulkner of Encore Gallery construct a custom-made glass-topped table as a means of creating an interesting focal point.

Seven feet in diameter, the table is made from old metal wheels and foundry patterns. Three floor mirrors rest against the back wall and help reflect light and balance the size of the space. To create a calming atmosphere, Taylor brought in a patchwork rug that has been overlaid in aubergine to create cascading plums, silvers and grays.

Use repurposed wood to make mirror frames. Have a Seat — Two massive crushed velvet couches help give this family room a classic, antique look. Mission Statement Turn the largest room in the house into the perfect spot for a midafternoon nap and good conversation.

He lightened the room and offset the gray-maroon couches by bringing in two seafoam green chairs. Combine different styles of artwork-combining prints, framed art, contemporary pieces or sculptures can add depth to a room. Mission Statement Create a shabby chic look with a little glitz and glam while flowing with the traditional look of the rest of the home.

For this master bedroom, Interior Designers Nola Shivers and Heather Landolt took on the task of taking a boring brown and beige space and transforming it into a relaxing spa-like setting where the homeowners wanted to spend time.

Landolt says there was a lot of empty space in the room before the remodel. The designers were able to take the space and create a suite, with the bedroom in one part and a living room-seating area in the other. The designers kept a spa-like atmosphere in mind when they chose to accent the tan and off-white colors with a light blue.

Landolt says one of the most difficult aspects of the project was figuring out the lighting. Before, the room was very dark and the homeowner had trouble getting ready for the day.

They overcame the darkness by accenting the room with light colors, mirrors and lamps. One Choose off-white or cream furnishings. Two Use anything mirrored, from artistic mirrors to mirrored furniture. Three Surround one pop of color with neutral tones. Paint Sherwin Williams E.

Room For Fun — Sleek yet youthful, this room pairs masculine decor with a fun touch: Mission Statement Turn an extra-large guest room into a gamin room and bedroom for a year-old boy. To make the room cozy yet still masculine, Taylor brought in a steamer trunk that had been turned into a dresser. To keep the room looking youthful, he installed sliding barn doors equipped with magnetic chalkboards that are great for studying or writing notes and to-do lists.

Going for a youthful but masculine and sleek look, Taylor decided to skip table lamps and instead put in rustic sconces that help brighten the room and double as wall décor. For a rustic touch, Taylor brought in an antique table that was retrofitted to serve as a night stand.

Find a way to repurpose childhood treasures. Office Space — Filled with eye-pleasing contrast, this office features light-colored walls with black lamps and a dark brown desk.

Mission Statement Provide the homeowner, a photographer, with a functional office that wowed customers, yet still acted as a place to relax. This office originally featured a large desk with leather chairs and brown color tones throughout. The homeowner grew out of that style and wanted something fresh, and Interior Designers Nola Shivers and Heather Landolt accomplished just that.

The duo came in and completely changed everything. They removed carpet, repainted walls and added more furniture. Since the homeowner wanted a room that was light and bright yet still connected to the rest of the house, the designers put in lighter colored furniture and painted the walls a lighter color.

They balanced the room out with darker pieces, such as black lamps and a dark brown desk. And in addition to boasting visual appeal, the office is functional with dual-purpose furniture—one of the desks opens up to allow more work space, and one of the tables is actually a file cabinet.

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